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tv   News  ABC  October 9, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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jamie's on the go this morning. so we'll check in with him later on. meantime, we'll send it over to justin with a look at the first forecast. hey, justin. >> reporter: good morning. we've had rain come through overnight. it's essentially from glen burnie all north to the pa line. we're taking you up 85. rain right now is heavy on the north side of bel air towards hickory and over towards darlington and jarrettsville we had it. you can see most of the stuff has been on the north side where annapolis is relatively dry. it looks like that gets out of here. we're at 59 degrees in baltimore. a warm start this morning. the early rain gives way to a partly sunny sky. most of the rain will be nice with high temperatures pushing 79. a late shower turning by this evening. 6:30 and a check of the roads now with kim brown. >> fortunately, the rains and slick roads are not affecting the beltway too much.
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we don't have any incidents or accidents. traffic is moving nicely in both directions. a couple of incidents, though, that we had a crash on the bw parkway that has been clear add way. in towson, we're working a crash and a new crash in baltimore city. megan, back to you. a big story overnight. list ton this. president barack obama won the 2009 nobel peace prize for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between countries. the president's name had been mentioned in speculation before the award but many believed it was too early to award the president. the committee says it attached special importance to obama's vision and work for a world without nuclear weapons. so president obama is the third u.s. sitting president to be awarded this prize following theodore roosevelt in 1906,
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woodrow wilson in 1919 and jimmy carter who wan it in 2002. a lot of community activists say teens are growing up way too fast and listing actions that no person should ever see. youth violence has been a problem for years. now a 17-year-old who was gunned down in the community has the community taking action. how one family and neighborhood is coping with the loss. sherrie? >> reporter: they lit candles, tried and sang. they sang for hope, sang for a life and a future filled with less crime. last friday, a shooting killed darius anderson in west baltimore. a huge crowd gathered in the only to celebrate his life but also to cry out again the culture of death. >> me and darius grew up together. like, we was real young and stuff, and it hurts to sit right there because he's always on the playground just playing
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basketball and stuff and just chill. he just was, like so nice. like, he never asked for nothing. that's all he did was just play basketball. and like, that's all he used to say. it hurts so bad to see that he's gone and stuff. everybody will remember him. i love him like a brother. >> i didn't cause no trouble with nobody. for this to happen to him like this, like it's so sad because you would have thought this is the type of person that would grow old with you, like, the person that's always going to be there for you. so just for him to die like this, this is sad. >> police are still searching for the gunman and ask anyone who may have witnessed a shooting to call them at 410- 396-2100. last knit's vigil was held at the same corner where darius anderson was killed. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news.
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time now is 6:33 this morning. in health news, all school aged children are in the targeted population for the swine flu vaccine. this morning, an associated press poll found more than one- third of parents which is 38%, are unlikely to get permission for their kids to get vaccinated at school. there have been no reports of side effects but many parents aren't convinced. doctors are still trying to ease those fears. >> it has produced precisely the same way that the seasonal flu vaccine is. there should be no concern. >> it's used in the production of some doses of the h1n1 vaccine and some contains mercury. being phased out because of safety concerns. health officials say it's not proven to have caused any problems yet, so they are keeping an eye on that. easy fears. marybeth marsden sat down
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with dr. linda grossman with the baltimore county last night and asked about the safety of the making of this vaccine. >> it's made exactly the same way as the seasonal vaccine so that in fact it would have been included in the seasonal vaccine if it had come about a couple months earlier, but they already started production of the seasonal vaccine. the flu mist is made the same way as the seasonal flu mist and the injectable vaccine is made the same way as the seasonal injectable vaccine. >> coming up in minutes, h1n1 facts versus fiction. you'll hear more on dr. grossman on what she says about mist versus getting the shot. just stay with us for that. well, you go to sea world to be educated and entertained by marine life. the entertainment some mammals are providing. we'll tell you all about it just ahead. 6:35. at the bus stop it will be wet because of rain that it passed
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through. we'll show you one last piece of rain on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. let's see what's happening on the roads now with kim. >> reporter: thanks, justin. so far so good this morning on the beltway. here at pulaski highway, traffic is moving great. now let's get a check of the buses and trains with the mta's mark jones. >> light rail running ten minutes late between camden and penn sphations. the number 6 running with a 15- minute delay. the m.a.r.c. train's operating on time. in observance of the columbus day holiday, the light rail, metro subway and mobility will be on regular schedules. but there's no m.a.r.c. train or commuter bus service on monday, columbus day. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. i always feed in the fall. but, it's the best time. feed your lawn in the fall. the fall feeding makes all the difference in the world. what the fall feeding does is build the roots. that's when the roots sorta want nutrition.
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i'm guessing you're gonna love this story. we all know halloween is a few week as way, but that is not stopping the animals at sea world from having spooky fun. the polar bear had a blast playing with jack-o'-lanterns. so did the walrus. look at that, he's loving it. the sea world halloween spooktacular runs every weekend leading up to hall lee wean. the thriller impersonation was held. so take a list. park officials also handed out some early candy to kids. so not only did they get to see something as cute as that but they also got treats. if you have seen your doctor lately, the big question you've been asking about is h1n1, the virus we've been hearing so much about. so coming up, we're bringing the doctor to you. what she has to say about using the mist or receiving the
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actual shot. we have the details coming up. this morning, we've got rain pushing lou hartford cecil county. we've got a few showers left over for the next 10 or 15 minutes. we'll talk about the weekend weather, which may not be too shabby as well after this. stick around. there's much more to come on this wet friday morning here in baltimore. "good morning, maryland" comes back right after this. ring ring ring ring ring ring progresso. we have a bit of a bad connection. oh hang on. is that better? much better. we love your weight watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago. well that's great. but he's wearing the clothes he wore 20 years ago too. oh.... i know the neighbors are talking about him. i'm sorry, can you hang on.
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a normal two-day weekend turns into a three-day weekend for baltimore city workers. what you need to know about city furloughs. >> what did you have a shovel or something? >> hell yeah. >> new audiotapes released following the crash of a u.s. jet into the hudson river. it's not making everybody happeny. we have the details about those tapes. and jamie's on the go. he's out of the state talking about the future of what maryland could look like. good friday morning.
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i'm megan pringle. again, jamie's on the go this morning. we'll check in with him live in a few minutes. >> by the way, nasa's crashing a rocket into the moon, too. we're excited to see what happens with that explosion. we are looking this morning at an improved set up. we have rain move through that's passing through. not much rain on the eastern shore. warm air is with us. this is a warm front. right now, harford cecil county is getting rain. you can see we've got this push of warm air that is surging out ahead of a cold front. distinctive line of rain back to our west. it is dumping heavy rain across the central and southern plains. steady rain as we watch it through this evening to our west. it may be acken evening shower. that frontal boundary comes in around midnight through tomorrow morning. looks like it comes around sunrise. then again, we get the winds
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picking up, keeping us cool. it will be breezy as we head throughed weekend. 79 today. a late day shower with a bet other chance of rain overnight through tomorrow morning. we stay in the lower 60s. now for a check of the roads, here's kim. we had an incident free morning so far on the beltway. traffic is running smoothly on both loops this morning. no problems on the west side, either, or on the east side. a little bit of moderate volume beginning to build as you make your way headed towards the beltway. again, no incidents so far. we have a crash in towson that's still on the scene at joppa road. also getting reports of an object on the onramp getting onto 83 so use caution there. still working a crash at east 35th street. if you are traveling to d.c. this morning, southbound 95 at powder mill road. that's causing a little bit of a delay as you head towards 495. megan, back to you. a big story overnight.
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president barack obama won the 2009 nobel peace prize for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between countries. the president's name had been mentioned in speculation before the award but many watchers believed it was too early for the president to receive that award. the committee says that it attached special importance to obama's vision for a world without nuclear weapons. president obama is the third u.s. sitting president to be awarded this prize following theodore roosevelt in 1906 and woodrow wilson in 1919 and then again jimmy carter got it in 2002. it is 6:47 right now. new at 6:00, baltimore city is taking a whole new feel today in the form of furloughs. linda so is in downtown baltimore with what you need to know as you head out the door. linda? >> reporter: most city buildings and the services they provide will be closed, including city hall. today is the first of five
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mandatory furlough days for baltimore. a sign on 83 has been rea minding drivers all week. most all city services will be closed except for police, fire, emergency responders, as well as trash and recycling collection. city buildings and customer service agencies will not be open. the furlough is all part of a plan to help close a $65 million budget gap. mayor sheila dixon says it's necessary to avoid laying off 400 workers. >> reporter: it's really a matter of cutting back and adjusting budgets while we ride through this. hopefully it'll be ending sooner than later, you know? it doesn't look like we'll be 0 out of the watt -- we'll be out of the water any time soon. >> it will happen the day after thanksgiving, christmas eve, the martin luther king, jr. holiday next january, and memorial day weekend next may. again, all city buildings and the services they provide will be closed for furlough days. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc 2 news. now to a developing story
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out of new jersey this morning. we've seen the transcripts of what the air traffic controllers were saying minutes before last august's deadly collision over the hudson river. now for the first time, we're getting to hear what they are saying. >> it kind of sucks that we won't be able to do it today. >> what about the cat some. >> oh, disgusting. that thing was disgusting. >> chinese people do it so why can't we? >> oh, stop it. >> the newly faa released recordings. you can hear one air traffic controller having a personal conversation with a female friend. also an airport employee while coordinating the takeoff and flight paths for the doomed plane and helicopter. nine people died in that crash. the controller, who has note been identified, and a supervisor have been placed on administrative leave. abc 2 news marybeth marsden sat down with dr. linda grossman. she did this last night and
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asked whether people should get the mist or actual flu shot. >> you are know, i -- you know, i think they are probably close to equally effective. it depends on what the particular population is. the current recommendations are for healthy people aged 2 to 49 that they get the flu mist vaccine unless they are pregnant and have a significant chronic illness. if you have asthma or immune deficiency, you need to with get the mist. >> people do not need to panic the doctors stress. a lot of us have questions so next week,s me join us for abc 2's day of answers. on tuesday, october 13th from 6:00 in the morning all the way until 7:00 in the evening, we're going to have a panel of experts. we're talking doctors, state officials, you name it. they are already there to answer your questions about h1n1, the virus, the vaccine,
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anything you want to know. so again, that is all day on tuesday, october 13th. stay with us for the coming days pore more details. we'll give them to you as they become available. 30,000 people will be running in hunt valley, a week from sunday. all in the name of fighting breast cancer. baltimore county kicked off its breast cancer awareness month event yesterday with the partnership of susan g. comb within baltimore county. organizers celebrated the accomplishments of breast cancer research. the survival rate has improved. firefighters were on hand to show that they wear pink, too, and county executive jim smith presented the susan g. komen representatives with the proclamation for the month of october. susan g. komen helped a number of agencies in our area that served breast cancer patients. >> we are a local organization. we work here in maryland at about 35 hospitals. so it's important to get people involved locally in the race so that they can support local organizations like ours.
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>> the race for the cure will be held on hunt valley on sunday, october 18th. and abc 2 news is a proud sponsor of this event. we want you to join us so check out all of the details on we actually have a whole page. it's the think pink page. there is a tab for it in the upper right hand corner of our web site. if you want details on the race, how the city and state are supporting breast cancer awareness and how you can help out. all of that information is on our web site. 6:52 and jamie is on the go again this morning. this adventure has taken him out of the state of maryland. so jamie joins us live this morning outside of harrisburg, pennsylvania. jamie, what are you doing up there? >> i guarantee you, we are the only tv station in america broadcasting live inside a casino before 7:00 this morning. we're here at the homily wad ka -- hollywood casino. looks like times square. we were here at 4:00. i swear to you we had 200 customers playing the slots
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here. it's funny, you come up 83 then you hit 81. right outside of harrisburg, next stop the coal region of mount caramel and sha moakeen but in between there is grantville, pennsylvania. we've been coming up here to racehorses at penn national for over 30 years. this place opened about a year and a half ago and it's been nothing but success ever since. the reason we're broadcasting live is to show what you will be coming to perryville in cecil county. they have a license in. they are waiting for approval now. they have the money in and are ready to go. all they need is a shovel and state approval. we'll play the slots. you got a buck? give me a buck. which one do you want? >> the one behind you. nope, the other one. >> this is your buck. >> that's my dollar. >> that is your dollar. all right, you ready? come on, baby, come on, baby. all right. that one credit, yes. and here we go, baby. here we go.
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anding, ding, ding, ding, ding. no! we almost won $19,000. that would have been a great payday. when we come back at 9:00, keep trying. you have another buck? >> i absolutely do. here. look at this. got my name on it. turn that into $19,000. jamie, can i ask you something rea quickly? -- real quickly? >> reporter: we're betting, what? >> all right, keep betting. >> bet one time, one credit. >> do it. >> reporter: all right, here we go, baby. one time, one time for mama. >> no! >> i feel like you'll have better look with the lever. >> this catches on. here's another one. we'll do this one. going going, going. we're taking maryland money rate now. hey, listen, 9:00 we'll be here. if we don't run out of money. oh! we were so close. that's why we're coming back at
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9:00 to try it all over again. live at the hollywood casino in grantville, pennsylvania, we're on the go this morning. back to you, megan. >> maybe you'll be rich at 9:00. you'll be either rich or broke. both are a possibility. that's why you have to play the three lines, man. i mean, we could have had something here. we'll get more money for jamie. we are going to take a look at the weekend forecast. we're rolling the dice here, and then pulling the lever. yeah there's no dice tables up there, i understand. look, very early rain tomorrow morning. the baltimore running festival is the big event in town. i know there's football games as well. i think very early rain should try to end a round on. a leftover shower may be left. the winds kick up and the afternoon turning partly sunny looking for a high of 69. we'll stay in the upper 60s, partly cloudy skies and cooler weather coming early next week. fall will be holding its grip
6:56 am
on maryland. here's kim. we do have our usual slowdown on the west side of the beltway between 795 and route 70. traffic looks good here, pulaski highway. the crash remains on thestein at cowson, joppa road. and headed to 83 has been cleared out of the roadway. if you are headed to d.c. southbound 95 at bellsville that's causing delays there. thank so you much for joining us. how about jamie? he came awfully close. >> that would have been awesome if he had won that. >> keep trying. it'll be a long time before 9:00. >> maybe he'll hit it then. thank you for joining us. remember we have cut-ins all morning long through "good morning america." also, 7:31 all of the excitement on the moon so stay tuned. we'll be back.
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